Joe Bob Recites The Drive-In Oath
Joe Bob Briggs: Dead In Concert
Joe Bob Sings "Tearing The Heart Out of Saturday Night"

Albert Torasco Interview 2005
Bigger Show Podcast Interview 2015
Chattanooga Film Festival 2016
Cinemassacre / James Rolfe Interview Part 1 2018 
Cinemassacre / James Rolfe Interview Part 2 2018 
Count Midnight Interview 2010
Drive-In Memories (Date Unknown) (Updated 06/14/21 Link Removed)

Fright Channel Interview 2011
Helena Hussy of Horror Interview 2010 (Updated 06/14/21 Link Removed)
Late Show With Ross Shafer 1988
Makework Productions Rare Interview 1988
New York Cine 2014
Radiodrome / Josh Hadley Interview 2017
RockStop with Chris Contra Interview 2017
Squadcast Interview 2017
Tonight Show with Jay Leno Part 1
Tonight Show with Jay Leno Part 2
Texas Frightmare Weekend 2006


Days of the Dead 2015
Flashback Weekend 2004
Horror Realm 2011
Spooky Empire 2011

Joe Bob Briggs Commentaries:
Samurai Cop (Commentary Only)
Blood Shack (Commentary Only Plus Intro at the End)

Joe Bob Briggs Video Intros:
Bad Girls Go To Hell 
Chooper, The
Double Agent 73 
Deadly Weapons 
Gruesome Twosome 
Hollywood Strangler Meets The Skid Row Slasher
Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Died And Became Mixed-Up Zombies, The

Just For The Hell Of It 
Luck Pierre 
Nude On The Moon 
Samurai Cop Intro (Updated 06/14/21 Link Removed)
Sex And The College Girl 
She-Devil On Wheels 
Something Weird 
Suburban Roulette
Wizard Of Gore, The 

NOTE:  Titles with "Link Removed" in parentheses are clips that were previously available but now have disappeared from most video sites. If you find a copy somewhere, please email me at monstervision2000@gmail.com, so I can re-open the link.  Thanks!

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