Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater

Episode List:

5th Anniversary Special
Angel/Hell High
Banker, The
Basket Case/Basket Case II/Brothers In Arms
Beach Blanket Bingo (Pre-Movie Channel Rarity)
Bikini Summer 2/Dance of the Damned
Can You Keep It Up For A Week? (Updated 07-29-18)
Carnival of Souls
Casablanca Express/Matchmaker
Chained Heat
Chained Heat 2
Class of 1999
Deathstalker III
Dragonard/Out of the Dark
Eleven Days, Eleven Nights/Echoes of Paradise
Evil Dead, The
Final Alliance/Blood Relations
First Power, The/Steel and Lace
Forgotten One/To Die For
Frankenhooker/Easy Wheels (With Wayne Newton)
Freddy's Dead
Hit List/Secrets of the Satin Blues
Horror Host Month With Elvira
Invaders From Mars/Montenegro
Linda Blair Month - Red Heat/Bedroom Eyes 2/No Retreat, No Surrender 2/Evil Dead,The

Linda Blair Month - Repossessed/One Man Force
Linda Blair Month - W.B., Blue and the Bean/Games that Lovers Play
Lobsterman From Mars (Updated 08/06/21)
Malibu Express
Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop 2
Master of Dragonard Hill/Rising Storm
Mutations, The/Return of Swamp Thing, The
New Kids, The/Yum-Yum Girls
Night of the Demons (Date Unknown)
Night of the Living Dead 1968/1990/25th Anniversary Cast Reunion
Nightmare/Lady Godiva Rides
Private Function, A (Updated 07-29-18)

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